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F555 - Avancerad Hyperkänslig Väggmikrofon

6.995,00 SEK

Excellent produkt!
Cant be found in the USA which would make things much easier however it is worth every cent to buy it from sweden.
Very sensitive and easy to use, i just put the mic against the wall and i hear whatever is being said on the other side of the wall.
Veru beautiful and great inputs which makes it possible to connect a recorder to it and record all conversations.
Recensionsdatum: 2006-10-17 av ashraf al-choumi


Topguard Security AB
Wenner Gren Center, Plan 9
Sveavägen 166
11346 Stockholm

Tel: 08 - 43 745 745
Tel: 08 - 43 754 474
Mån-Fre: 09-17
Lör: 13-15
Sön: Stängt

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